Eliminator Elite

Eliminator Elite 1.0

Ride the elevator and wipe out terrorists


  • Simple, fun gameplay
  • Full of suspense


  • Gets a bit too repetitive

Very good

Eliminator Elite charges you with the task of clearing a building seized by terrorists. The only way you can get at the bad guys however, is to ride in the lift and shoot them from inside when the doors open.

Riding an elevator can be scary at the best of times, but when merciless terrorists are lurking on the other side of the door, the fear factor is cranked up to 10. Your main problem in Eliminator Elite is that it's not always a terrorist that's on the other side of the doors - sometimes it is a hostage and killing these is a big no-no.

Eliminator Elite is a very simple game, but that doesn't mean it's not gripping. In fact, the suspense can be terrifying as you wait for the doors to open, not knowing which floor this will be on. The controls are dead easy, and you only really need the '5' key, which is the fire button.

In terms of its graphics and sounds, Eliminator Elite is pretty basic. The terrorist and hostage characters don't vary very much, and some of the bad guys look more like aliens than activists.

It gets a bit repetitive after a while, but Eliminator Elite is high on suspense and represents a challenging adventure.

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Eliminator Elite


Eliminator Elite 1.0

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